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New Rear Bay Dormer Loft Conversion Sutton Coldfield

Posted on Loftstyle Limited

A new project has started in Sutton Coldfield on a semi detached property to build a rear Bay Dormer Loft Conversion.  A Bay Dormer will allow for the maximum space available to be used.  A master bedroom with a wardrobe area and an en-suite bathroom will be constructed.  The stairs will rise above the existing stairs on the first floor landing to create a natural flow through the property.  A stud wall will be moved slightly on the first floor to allow for this.  The small bedroom on the first floor will only loose approximately 18″.  The gain with the Loft Conversion over the loss from the small bedroom is in our opinion is a win win situation.  The property is gaining extra living space to be enjoyed and will only increase in value.  If you would like to increase the living space and add value to your property please give Loftstyle Ltd a call.

Construction started:-

Construction & Insulation:-

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